Former Carlton Street post office

I have taken a close interest in the former Carlton Street post office since I was first elected as your MP in 2015, and when I was an MP I raised the issue in the House of Commons. 

I have also highlighted my concerns about this site at each of my regular meetings with the Cheltenham Development Task Force. Specifically, I have actively encouraged the Council to adopt a more robust approach to this site. They need to do more to require the owners to take responsibility for this eyesore. The status quo is not acceptable. 

Section 215 of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act gives power to a local planning authority to require the proper maintenance of land and buildings. It allows such an authority, if it appears to it that the amenity of a part of its area, or of an adjoining area, is adversely affected by the condition of land in its area, to serve on the owner and occupier of the land a notice requiring such steps for remedying the condition of the land or buildings.

So far the Borough Council has refused to exercise the powers available.

I believe they need to think again. Whether you agree or disagree I would be grateful if you could complete my online survey on this issue by following this link. Before determining next steps it will be very helpful to gauge the views of those residents who are most affected by this eyesore.