Mersey Road roadblock

For some time now the Mersey Road roadblock has been in a poor state of repair and has attracted anti-social behaviour. Since meeting with local residents I have raised this issue with the Highways team at Gloucestershire County Council on a number of occasions, pressing for a better long term solution.

I was therefore pleased to receive an update recently from the Local Highways Manager for Cheltenham, who confirmed that the County Council are actively exploring potential solutions, ranging from the replacement of the roadblock with streel bollards to the removal of the roadblock altogether.

I believe it is essential that any proposal should enjoy support among local residents.

I therefore wanted to write to you to ensure you are aware of this recent development and invite you to complete my survey which aims to gauge local views in relation to the potential solutions to this problem. Once I have collated the results of the survey I will be presenting them to the County Council and asking them to consider the results before making a final decision about the future of the roadblock.

You can complete the survey by following this link. If you have any other questions or issues you’d like to raise with me please do not hesitate to get in touch.