Ultrafast Broadband Campaign

Securing ultrafast broadband for Cheltenham has long been a key personal priority for Alex and he has spoken up repeatedly in Parliament about this issue as well as hauling senior management of Openreach and others to Westminster for ‘robust’ conversations.

Alex has been working with CityFibre to secure a multi-million- investment in Cheltenham’s digital infrastructure.

The town-wide rollout of the new service will provide up to 1000 mbps for upload and download.

Once the work is completed, it will mean Cheltenham will become one of the best-connected towns in the world, and will also strengthen foundations as a cyber hub of the future.
Gigabit broadband means users will be able to download HD films in minutes rather than hours, and will open up new possibilities for smart home technologies.

Work has already begun on stripping out the slower copper lines and replacing them with full fibre optic cables.

Alex remains in contact with City Fibre and has encouraged them to communicate where they can with residents, give plenty of warning and make sure the council is able to publicise road works with plenty of notice.

Securing faster broadband will always have Alex’s full support as he believes that it will mean that Cheltenham will not only be a better place to both live and work, but also secure our position as a science and technology lead.  

You can register your interest through the following link: https://www.cityfibre.com/residential