Alex Chalk hosts internship week in Cheltenham

Last week, Alex Chalk, Cheltenham’s Prospective MP, held an internship week for students from the University of Gloucestershire and local schools across Cheltenham.  Alex used his legal expertise and political experience to help the students develop their knowledge and skills, whilst giving them the opportunity to quiz the Foreign Secretary (Phillip Hammond MP) the Solicitor General (Robert Buckland MP) and a senior criminal barrister.

 Alex led the students through workshops, including mock trials and other legal exercises.  Students studying law found this particularly interesting because it offered a new and exciting way of developing their understanding of the role and responsibilities of a trial advocate.

The interns also had the opportunity to meet with a senior criminal barrister, to discuss some of his recent high-profile cases and to provide advice on how to progress into the legal profession. 

The Conservative MP and newly-appointed Solicitor General, Robert Buckland MP, also met with the interns and discussed his role.The students asked a series of challenging questions on a variety of topics, including the provision of legal advice at a time of war.

Students also gained experience of political campaigning in Cheltenham. This included a visit to Cheltenham Borough Council to meet with local Councillors and take part in a mock debate.They also took to the streets to engage local residents about the most important local issues here in Cheltenham.

 Alex commented “The internship week took a huge amount of planning and preparation. But it was worth it. The student feedback has been terrific, and the experience should help bolster their CVs as they plan their futures. My particular highlight was their interrogation of the Foreign Secretary – worthy of Jeremy Paxman.”