Alex Chalk MP calls for an end to discrimination against guide dog owners

Alex Chalk MP met with guide dog owners in the Houses of Parliament to hear about their experiences of being turned away by businesses. Over 100 guide dog owners travelled to Westminster from across the country to talk to their MPs about the discrimination they face in their daily lives.

The MP for Cheltenham was supporting the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind's “Access All Areas” campaign to ensure guide dog owners can carry out everyday activities, such as traveling by taxi or going to the local shops, without the risk of being turned away.

According to law, guide dog owners are allowed the same access to shops, restaurants and taxis as everyone else. Yet, all too often, guide dog owners are told that their dog is not welcome and not allowed in. Three out of every four guide dog owners report having been turned away from a taxi, business or service because of their dog.

Mr Chalk is supporting Guide Dogs’ call for disability equality training, and for offenders to be properly punished under the law when they illegally discriminate against guide dog owners.

Speaking after the lobby in Parliament, Alex commented "It is astonishing frankly in this day and age that guide dog owners are being treated so callously. I’m delighted to support Guide Dogs in their campaign to clamp down on this unacceptable discrimination."

James White, Senior Advocacy Manager for Guide Dogs, said “Guide dog owners rely on their dogs to feel confident and supported. Being turned away by a business leaves people feeling angry, upset and embarrassed. It can rob people of their independence and can leave them unable to do everyday activities.”

“Despite the law being clear on this issue, guide dog owners are still experiencing this form of discrimination every day and this needs to change.”