Alex Chalk MP calls for residents to nominate worst offenders in 'Paint My Postbox' campaign

Following repeated reports from a concerned resident in Up Hatherley regarding the state of the town's post boxes, Alex Chalk MP has urged Cheltonians to help him compile a list of the town's most scruffy post boxes.

As part of a new 'Paint my Post Box' initiative, Alex has pledged to submit the top 20 to Royal Mail, so that they can be inspected and re-painted.

There are over 100 post boxes across the town, all being maintained on a 5 yearly cycle by Royal Mail. However, particularly scruffy and unsightly post boxes can be reported to the Royal Mail for further inspection and then refurbishment where required.

This isn't the first time that Cheltenham's post boxes have hit the headlines. Back in 2013, research carried out by local historian Richard Popplewell revealed eight rare and iconic original Victorian 'Penfold' boxes which were installed in 1866 and are still in use.

Only about 20 of the earliest designs of Penfolds survive in the whole of the UK,  and according to English Heritage the remaining 12 are located in Kensington. Thankfully, these iconic postboxes are in a state of good repair.

Commenting on this latest clean up initiative, Alex said "To coincide with this year's 'Clean for the Queen' and my ongoing grot spot campaign, this drive to 'paint my post box' will further help to tackle urban eye sores across the town. I've managed to successfully lobby the County Council to repair broken railings and worn out lamp posts. I'm now calling on individuals to let me know if there is a particularly grotty post box in their street, so that I can formulate a list of the worst offenders and send it onto Royal Mail."

He continued "Cheltenham is a beautiful place to live and work, but there is more we can do to help lift the appearance of the town. Tired and worn out postboxes are unsightly and I will continue to do everything I can to ensure that Cheltenham can look its best. "

Individuals are asked to email Ben Carlton on using the subject PAINT MY POST BOX, and including a photograph of the offending post boxes, along with the location and postcode.