Alex Chalk’s Intervention Speeds Up Superfast Broadband

Universal superfast broadband across Cheltenham has come a step closer following the latest intervention by Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk.

Proposed BT upgrades to cabinet 129 (serving residents in Cirencester Road) had been delayed after residents spent months waiting for an upgrade and despite BT promising they would be completed by the end of June 2019.

Mr Chalk has been championing superfast broadband across the town.  When the cabinet 129 work was delayed, the Cheltenham MP raised the issue directly in Parliament.

Mr Chalk’s action prompted a rapid response from BT.  The cabinet has now been fully upgraded. Affected roads include Newcourt Road, St Jude's Walk, St Michael's Close and parts of Cirencester Road.

Alex Chalk said:

“It is unacceptable that parts of Cheltenham – the home of GCHQ – have been languishing in “e-poverty” for years. 

“We have made strong progress speeding up broadband in Cheltenham. The overwhelming majority of broadband cabinets I inherited in 2015 are now connected to superfast fibre. I am pleased that, with cabinet 129 now up and running, we are another step closer to reaching a 100% superfast target.”

Commenting on the news, local resident, Michael Bridgman, said:

“ A small group of residents in a broadband black-spot, the Fibre Forgotten Few of Newcourt Road, have for many years been trying to get BT to upgrade us to Superfast broadband without success. Alex took up the cause on our behalf and after many months of discussions with Fastershire and BT has at last succeeded. Had it not been for his intervention there is no doubt we would still be stuck with unacceptably low broadband speeds. We are extremely grateful for support from Alex and his office.”