Alex urges support for the A417 'missing link'

Alex Chalk, Parliamentary Candidate for Cheltenham, has called for a united front to support the bid to secure £250million in funding to build the A417 Loop.

Conservative-led Gloucestershire County Council are urging residents across Gloucestershire to get behind a campaign to add the project to the Highways Agency’s list of road scheme priorities.

Alex Chalk commented “This stretch of the A417 has a poor safety record, with 343 casualties on this stretch of road over the past 15 years. The Air Balloon bottleneck also causes daily misery for the 34,000 motorists every day and piles on the costs for businesses.

Building the Loop is vital for the long-term prosperity of our county as well as the safety of those who use our roads. That’s why I am calling on the Highways Agency to get behind Gloucestershire and include this within their major scheme development programme.”

Alex has called in the Echo and elsewhere for Cheltenham’s elected representatives to speak with one voice. Alex commented “We need to pull together as a town. Without a plan for prosperity and improving infrastructure, we risk stagnation in Cheltenham. That is unacceptable. If we are going to compete successfully as a town in the future – both in Gloucestershire and beyond – we have to make this happen.”…