Huge win for Cheltenham

The Government has today announced an ambitious £15 billion plan to triple levels of spending by the end of the decade to increase the capacity and condition of England’s roads. Most significantly for us here in Cheltenham, the Government has agreed to fund the £255m ‘Missing Link’ infrastructure project to ease the gridlock at the Air Balloon.


This week is ‘Counter Terrorism Week’. The initiative by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has seen more than 3,000 police officers out and about advising on public safety. There has even been a surge of sniffer dogs at airports hunting money leaving the UK to fund terrorism.

Campaigning to stop Cheltenham buffering

Campaigning to stop Cheltenham buffering

Alex Chalk, the Prospective Conservative MP for Cheltenham, is leading the campaign for faster broadband in Cheltenham. He is working hard alongside residents in areas including parts of Up Hatherley, Warden Hill, The Reddings and Charlton Kings, to find a solution to slow broadband speeds.

£1.7 billion

So, as we all know, the EU has slapped a demand on the UK for an extra £1.7bn. This sum is so eye-watering that it is hard to make sense of it. I find it helpful to think of what it translates into locally. In round terms it means the residents of Cheltenham alone are being asked to stump up £3m on top of the £15m we already pay as a town to the EU each year

The future of our railway station

There’s nothing quite like a sci-fi film to point out the passing of the years. Particularly when the plot is about time-travel. But that’s exactly what some of us Cheltenham 30-somethings might be noticing at the moment. You see, we grew up transfixed by the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise – films about Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and his adventures across time and space in his DeLorean time machine. What we never seriously imagined though was that 2015, the impossibly far-off year Marty travelled to in the second film, would ever actually arrive. And now it is almost upon us. 

Conference Season

So conference season is over. Poor old Ed Miliband might be relieved. On a human level I feel for him. But it really was an extraordinary howler to fail to mention the deficit once in his hour-long speech.

England Expects

The Union has survived. After weeks in which it seemed that our country was on the point of break-up, the Scottish people voted decisively to reject nationalism and separation. I was one of millions who breathed a collective sigh of relief as 55% of Scots voted to stay in the United Kingdom. I believe that ours is one of the most successful political unions anywhere in the world. To wreck it after 300 years would have been abject folly.