World Cup

“They think it’s all over.  It is now”.  An iconic phrase that entered England’s consciousness back in 1966.  I know it grates on some of our Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish countrymen as much as it cheers and inspires the English.

Science Festival

There’s always been a healthy rivalry between Cheltenham and our near neighbours, Gloucester.  Make no bones about it; the city has done well in the last few years. Thanks to the vision and hard work of their local MP Richard Graham and the City Council, Gloucester is on a massive regeneration journey


Summer time, so the song goes, and the living is easy. Maybe so, but for hundreds of students in Cheltenham there is something far less relaxing on their minds – exams. 


Alex talks about Cheltenham's education heritage

Cheltenham Elections

It’s election time again. On 22 May Cheltonians go to the polls for the European and borough council elections.