Opportunities in Cheltenham

With Parliament on recess, this week I take stock of our town and wish everyone in Cheltenham happy summer holidays.


My thoughts are with Bournside School this week in the wake of the coach crash, and wishing the two most seriously injured pupils a swift recovery.


A week is a long time in politics. In this column I look back on Theresa May's first week as PM, and consider the renewal of Trident.

Theresa May

Britain has a new Prime Minister, and I’m absolutely delighted it is Theresa May.

Shakespeare or Politics?

This week I'm reflecting on a very busy week in Parliament, which at times has been more akin to House of Cards than House of Commons.

EU Referendum

The British people have voted to leave the EU. This week I'm thinking about the implications and thoughts turn to who will be the next PM.

Jo Cox MP

My thoughts are with the family of Jo Cox MP. She was a passionate, committed MP - hugely admired across the House.


This week the atmosphere is heating up in Westminster as the EU Referendum draws ever closer. Make sure you vote on 23rd June to have your say.

Sausages and Spies

In this week's instalment I look at the Investigatory Powers Bill and how laws are really made.


Summer is just around the corner, so this week I'm asking you to help me make sure Cheltenham looks its best by letting me know about potholes in your area.