Brexit and Bees

Another week, and the news is once again dominated by Brexit. In Parliament MPs are focused on the marathon ‘committee stage’ of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill – the legislation which converts EU law into domestic law, so that there is certainty about the future rule book.

Westminster Allegations

The allegations of sexual impropriety swirling around Westminster have made two things crystal clear. First, Parliament needs a new and independent body where complainants know that their allegations will be investigated properly and in confidence.

Cheltenham's A&E and PMQ's

At the time of writing I’m finalising my parliamentary question to Theresa May at Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday.

Protect the Protectors

On Friday night I was delighted to join Cheltenham’s Street Pastors as they patrolled the town after dark. In just a few short years, their purple jackets, supply of flip-flops and lollipops have become a feature of Cheltenham’s nightlife.

Cheltenham Literature Festival

Cheltenham’s Literature Festival brings hundreds of the world’s most brilliant writers, performers and political thinkers to the town. It is astonishing and always delivers. But this year truly was exceptional.


Party conferences are an opportunity for reflection. They provide a chance to lift our eyes beyond today’s latest parliamentary skirmish and survey the broader political landscape. There is a lot to take in.

Lyme Disease

There's a great line in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations: "Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule." It was said by the gruff lawyer, Mr Jaggers, and I've always thought it was pretty good rule for life.

Parson's Green, Extremist Propaganda and the Internet

Another week, another terrorist atrocity. The Parsons Green bombing was yet another chilling reminder of the threat we face, and the debt we owe to the police and security services who confront it. These recent attacks are not so much a spike as a shift.

Literature Festival, Tour of Britain, John Lewis and more

Many congratulations to all those who helped organise the Tour of Britain cycle event in Cheltenham. So many people, from borough council staff to an army of volunteers, came together to put on such a successful, positive, event.