Freedom of Speech

The independent Committee on Standards in Public Life has begun its investigation into the abuse of parliamentary candidates at the 2017 General Election. It will look at whether existing laws to tackle intimidation and abuse are still adequate.

Fair Funding

This week saw an important victory in Parliament for the huge army of Cheltenham teachers, parents and governors who have been fighting for better funding for our secondary schools.

European Justice

This week we debated the issue of the UK’s membership of Euratom, Europe’s nuclear energy body.

My view is that unless we can promptly secure an equivalent associate status, such as that enjoyed by Switzerland, it is in Cheltenham’s interests that the UK stays in.

School Funding

For an MP representing an unfairly funded local education authority, debates on schools funding in Parliament can be frustrating. This week was no exception.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Parliament met this week in the shadow of terror attacks – London Bridge, Manchester, Borough Market, and the north London mosque. They are a sobering reminder that there are those living here who hate our values of open, tolerant, democracy and the rule of law.

Remembering Jo Cox MP

Last Sunday was sobering. On the same day that the Friends of Up Hatherley Park put on a wonderful ‘Great Get Together’ event to celebrate the memory of murdered MP Jo Cox, the country faced yet another home-grown terrorist attack. This time the target was a mosque in Finsbury Park.

2017 Parliament

“The first rule of politics is to be able to count.” So said Lyndon Johnson, the US President renowned for his skill in getting legislation through Congress.

Improvements to Cheltenham Cancer Care and Funding for A&E

In a world that’s gone election-barmy, it’s vital we don’t lose sight of the day-to-day campaigns that hum away behind the scenes but which really affect lives. This week I’m delighted to report two important developments affecting our local NHS.  

General Election

This is a brave and decisive move by the Prime Minister. Our country needs strong and stable leadership. Only by re-electing Theresa May can that strength and stability be delivered.