Phones in Schools

So Bournside’s head teacher wants to clamp down on mobile phone use in school. Phones will be confiscated if they are seen or heard in lessons or the school’s dining centre.

Good for him. I think it’s absolutely the right decision.

More funding for Cheltenham's NHS

The NHS is our most precious national institution. No one who watched the Olympics opening ceremony in London in 2012 can have been left in any doubt about the pride we take in it as a nation.

Begging and Homelessness in Cheltenham

Meeting a newspaper deadline often means that my column has to be written in advance. Apologies to those who were looking for a North Korea or Brexit update!

Boots Corner

I’ve tried to see the point of the Boot’s Corner closure scheme. Really I have. I’ve held the plans up to the light to see if that makes a difference. I’ve tried squinting at them. But however hard I try, the justifications for this drastic move never get more convincing.

Cheltenham's Schools, their Teachers, and Number 10

Last week, I was delighted to arrange for Belmont special school Head Kevin Day to visit 10 Downing Street. As I wrote in last week’s Echo, Kevin was representing all of Cheltenham’s special schools – Belmont, Bettridge, the Ridge Academy and Battledown Centre.

This week in Parliament

I have always believed in using my time in Parliament to campaign energetically for change on behalf of my constituents. This week has featured three causes close to my heart.

Alex Chalk MP backs ban on letting fees

 Alex Chalk is supporting plans to scrap letting fees for tenants. The Cheltenham MP spoke out in Parliament when backing the Tenant Fees Bill in the House of Commons on Monday (21 May 2018)