Cheltenham YMCA

At the weekend, I was privileged to meet with chief executive of Cheltenham YMCA, David Wallace, alongside Councillor Barbara Driver. I have always been aware that the YMCA is a great cause but I didn't realise just how crucial it is in serving the young people in Cheltenham and indeed the wider community. Not only does the charity put a roof over young people’s heads but it offers help and support with life skills and employment opportunities. 

I was also shown the plans for the new accommodation block where construction is well under way on Vittoria Walk. It was exciting to see the various rooms and layout taking shape. The new accommodation will undoubtedly help many young people in our town, providing them with a new and secure environment in which they can receive the support they need. It’s going to be a vital local resource of which we can be proud. 

 The YMCA holds fundraising events each year and I can't wait to get involved. I especially look forward to March next year when there will be a 'sleep rough for one night' event that will aim to make lots of cash in order to support this wonderful charity.