Eyesore Post-Boxes To Be Refurbished

Cheltenham's ‘grottiest’ post-boxes will soon be restored thanks to the intervention of local MP Alex Chalk.

The Cheltenham MP had encouraged local residents to tell him about poorly maintained or scruffy post-boxes in their neighbourhoods as part of his wider campaign to crack down on Cheltenham’s grot-spots.

After visiting the nominated sites across the town, Mr Chalk contacted Royal Mail asking them to carry out an urgent inspection.

Royal Mail have now agreed that each of the boxes will be refurbished in April, once the weather conditions have improved.

Alex Chalk said: “I’m hugely proud of Cheltenham, and like many people I don’t want to see unnecessary eyesores letting the town down. Sometimes sorting out the ‘little things’ really does make a big difference. Getting our iconic post-boxes back to their best will be a positive step forward.

“We have already had a number of successes in tackling urban eyesores in Cheltenham. There’s been investment to replace broken railings in a number of prominent locations. Last year we got the worn lamp posts in Montpellier repainted, while BT Openreach and Virgin Media both removed graffiti from a number of their broadband cabinets after lobbying by my office.''

“Cheltenham is a beautiful place to live and work. But there are parts of town that need attention and investment. From tarmac infills to uneven pavements and derelict buildings, I will continue to do everything I can to help Cheltenham look its best.”