Gift Aid Changes are “Big Bonus” for Cheltenham Charities: Cheltenham MP

Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk has backed proposed changes to the Gift Aid scheme, which are being discussed in Parliament today (Tuesday 11th October 2016), calling them a “big bonus for local charities”. 

The “Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill 2016/17 has its second hearing in the House of Commons today.  It makes a number of changes to the existing legislation to simplify the current scheme and increase the potential funding available for many charities. It has been estimated by HMRC that it will benefit up to 71,000 charities that currently claim Gift Aid.

If approved, it will also allow amateur sports clubs to benefit from Gift Aid and charitable donations.

Alex Chalk said: “I am concerned that the existing Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme can be too difficult for small charities to access

“There are so many wonderful charities and sports clubs in and around our town. They are the lifeblood of our community. The more we can do to cut the red-tape that sometimes seems to be strangling them the better. 

“I have discussed these issues with the Minister and I think the changes being considered in Parliament will be a big bonus. A great many charities in Cheltenham should now be able to reap the benefits.”

Alex Chalk continued: “I am particularly pleased that these changes will also apply to community amateur sports clubs. We need to get more active as a country, and this will help many of our busy sports clubs raise valuable and much needed funds.

“In cases where are a charity or sports club is using a community building, the amount of gift aid they will be able to claim will increase by a further £8,000.”