Re-vamp of Pittville Gates

Early yesterday morning I was down at the Pittville Gates to watch the refurbished iron overmantle being carefully hoisted into place. This represented a milestone in the project to revamp the Gates which in turn will help spruce up the local area and safeguard a key part of Cheltenham’s history. I met with residents and a representative from Friends of Pittville who really can't be praised enough. They have worked tirelessly to raise funds to enable this key local landmark to be enjoyed by local residents and visitors for many decades to come.

 Since the gates were first erected in the 19th century the British weather has taken its toll and left the gates in serious need of repair. We're lucky to have such a committed group of local people who are willing to devote so much time and energy to help raise the very considerable sums needed to preserve this jewel of Cheltenham’s cultural heritage.