Update on Cheltenham Spa Station Investment

Just over a month ago I posted about the investment that Cheltenham Spa station desperately requires.  http://www.alexchalk.com/news/13-conservatives-investing

Since then plans for a £20 million redevelopment of the station have been announced, and today the Department for Transport have awarded a £3 million investment into those plans. This gives real hope that the re-vamp of the station will finally become a reality.

The £20 million redevelopment would see two new platforms that would significantly increase station capacity. On top of this a new car park would create further long and short-stay space, whilst new bus terminals and cycle points would transform the station into a proper commuter hub.

 Whilst this is extremely welcome, we need to strive for more. What Cheltenham also needs are modern, fast, rail connections to our major towns and cities. That’s why I am going to Gloucester County Council on Thursday 25 July to meet the Senior Transport Planning Advisor. I want to ask him what can be done to speed up journey times to and from Cheltenham. I’ll report back!