Update from Springbank and Hester's Way

Recently I’ve spent time in Springbank and Hesters Way talking to residents predominantly about the Elms Park development. Many people are pleased that there are plans to create more housing and job opportunities for the people of Cheltenham and I agree that Cheltenham does need new homes, especially for the younger generation. If the proposed plans for a business park go ahead, then more businesses will be able to base themselves in Cheltenham and create job opportunities. This is on top of the many construction jobs that will be needed to complete the large development if plans are approved.

Some residents expressed concerns that current infrastructure will struggle to cope with the extra amount of traffic that the development would bring. This, and other similar issues require careful scrutiny and I will raise these concerns at the public consultations (details below) to ensure that the message gets across about the need to ensure that nearby residents aren’t adversely affected. I will also want to scrutinise carefully the justification for proposing a development on green belt land.

Wednesday 26th June Cheltenham Civil Service Club, Tewkesbury Road 2pm till 8pm

Saturday 29th June Unit 11 Regent Arcade 10am till 4pm

 Elsewhere in Springbank, some annoyed residents complained about the old dilapidated Springbank shopping centre that has remained abandoned for years. Petitions have been submitted to the local authorities but to no avail. I think it’s rather unfair that residents living near the site have to put up with such an eye sore nearby. I’m going to talk to Cheltenham Borough Councillors to see if anything can be done about this issue. It certainly mustn’t be left and forgotten about.