Alex Chalk MP to bring bottle deposit machine to Cheltenham

Alex Chalk MP has joined forces with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and young environmental campaigners from Cheltenham schools to bring a state-of-the-art bottle deposit return machine to Cheltenham High Street this Friday, 28th June.

The Leadership Race

I’m writing this on Tuesday night, after watching an entirely unilluminating BBC leaders debate. The format really didn’t work I’m afraid, and led to endless interrupting – by both the presenter and candidates.

The UK is going Net-Zero!

It’s happened! Following my Bill which I recently presented to Parliament calling for a legal requirement to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, I am absolutely delighted that the Government has now decided to back this call. Net zero target will shortly be the law of the land.

The Future PM and Cheltenham's Cyber Park

The leadership contest is in full swing. With eleven candidates declared, and more to come, it’s starting to look like the Gold Cup start-line. I will be reviewing the various pitches carefully of course.

Brexit and the Prime Minister

As I write this on Tuesday evening, my phone is lit as MPs from across the political divide line up on Twitter to trash Theresa May’s latest Brexit proposal.

The Failure of Boots Corner

Last week the Local Democracy Reporting Service revealed that the Boots Corner road closure has raked in more than £1.3m in fines from motorists in just nine months. Nearly 48,000 tickets have been issued to drivers struggling to navigate Cheltenham.

The fight for Cheltenham's A&E

I am delighted that local Trust bosses have cancelled the flawed pilot proposal to transfer general surgery (abdominal surgery) from Cheltenham General to Gloucester Hospital.