The fight for Cheltenham's A&E, and Lido!

This week I travelled to London, to the Department of Health and Social Care, to brief the Health Minister and special adviser about Gloucestershire health bosses’ completely misconceived plans for getting rid of Cheltenham’s A&E.

Local NHS Trust Plans

Late last week I discovered that local NHS Trust managers were briefing others on plans to downgrade the A&E at Cheltenham General Hospital.

More Police Officers for Gloucestershire

I warmly welcome the Government’s announcement that an additional 20,000 police officers will be recruited in England and Wales over the next three years. The recruitment drive will start as early as September with the launch of a national campaign.

The New Prime Minister

Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his election as the new Prime Minister.

The New Apollo Theatre at CGH!

More investment for Cheltenham General Hospital! Last week I was delighted to visit the £2m+ Apollo theatre at CGH, just days before it opened to NHS patients.

The Leadership Race

I’m writing this on Tuesday night, after watching an entirely unilluminating BBC leaders debate. The format really didn’t work I’m afraid, and led to endless interrupting – by both the presenter and candidates.

The UK is going Net-Zero!

It’s happened! Following my Bill which I recently presented to Parliament calling for a legal requirement to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, I am absolutely delighted that the Government has now decided to back this call. Net zero target will shortly be the law of the land.