Lockdown is Working

The central aim of the lockdown strategy is to slow the spread of the disease, and thereby protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. Thanks to the magnificent efforts of so many, this goal is so far being achieved. 

A 'New Deal' for Cheltenham

In 1933, with America in the icy grip of the Great Depression which had wreaked havoc on the economy, US President Franklin D Roosevelt announced a “New Deal” to the American people. 

Coronavirus and the Budget

I am writing this just hours before the Chancellor announces his Budget to the House of Commons. 

Over the last week I have been frenetically lobbying on Cheltenham’s behalf. There are three things that I have been focused on. 

Domestic Abuse Bill Introduced to Parliament

I was delighted to introduce to Parliament this week the Domestic Abuse Bill. This is a landmark piece of legislation which will significantly enhance protection  for victims domestic abuse.

Cheltenham Borough Council's Plans for Recycling

It’s time for Cheltenham Borough Council to set the record straight about their recycling plans. Are they planning to close Swindon Road recycling centre to general household waste and gardening waste or not?

Local Policing

Effective local policing here in Cheltenham has always been about more than just officers’ visibility – never more so than today, with crime increasingly taking place behind closed doors and online. 

Funding Boost for Bus and Cycling Services

I was delighted by the announcement in Parliament this week of a £5bn investment in England’s bus and cycling services. This presents a massive opportunity for Cheltenham.

Tougher Terror Sentencing

The appalling attack by convicted terrorist, Sudesh Amman, in Streatham last week immediately reverberated in Parliament. 

General Election

And we’re off! The country will be going to the polls on 12 December for an historic winter election.

Brexit Update

On Tuesday night, for a brief moment, it looked as if the Brexit purgatory might be coming to an end. Parliament voted, with a majority of 30, to back the new Brexit deal negotiated with the EU.