Chalk welcomes landmark 'Trojan' phone box ruling

Alex Chalk has welcomed a landmark court ruling which will stop developers from installing outdated ‘Trojan’ phones boxes for use as advertising billboards. In a landmark court case, a High Court judge has now ruled that new phones boxes will now need planning permission.

Chalk welcomes upskirting ban

People taking upskirting pictures and videos will now face two years in prison and being placed on the sex offenders register. A new law making upskirting a specific criminal offence received Royal Assent (Tuesday 12 February).

Public Sector Pay Cap

The time has come to lift the blanket public sector 1% pay cap. With prices now rising, there is very serious pressure on those on low incomes - including nurses - who are such dedicated public servants.

Lord Dubs Amendment

This is a very difficult issue, and one which I admit to having found hard to resolve. I have set out my thoughts below in a little detail.Before turning to the specifics, it may be helpful to rehearse a little context.1) UK Aid in the Middle East