Better is the enemy of good. It’s a saying that is drummed into every rookie courtroom advocate, and is reminder that an insistence on perfection can lead to disaster.

Freedom of Speech

The independent Committee on Standards in Public Life has begun its investigation into the abuse of parliamentary candidates at the 2017 General Election. It will look at whether existing laws to tackle intimidation and abuse are still adequate.

Fair Funding

This week saw an important victory in Parliament for the huge army of Cheltenham teachers, parents and governors who have been fighting for better funding for our secondary schools.

Chalk hails broadband progress as Benhall residents are lifted out of e-poverty

Cheltenham's MP, Alex Chalk, has hailed the success of the long-standing campaign to end broadband blight for residents in Benhall. Earlier this year, the town's MP stepped in to broker a deal between BT Openreach and residents in Grace Gardens to upgrade their cabinet (209) to superfast fibre.

European Justice

This week we debated the issue of the UK’s membership of Euratom, Europe’s nuclear energy body.

My view is that unless we can promptly secure an equivalent associate status, such as that enjoyed by Switzerland, it is in Cheltenham’s interests that the UK stays in.

School Funding

For an MP representing an unfairly funded local education authority, debates on schools funding in Parliament can be frustrating. This week was no exception.